A Message to Mothers

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Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: One of the horrors for a parent is the fact that they’re not exposed toward the dangers of vaccines.
In a typical circumstance a mom goes into the pediatrician and the pediatrician typically is gonna tell the mother that this is the vaccine schedule. They’re told by a person in a position of authority that it’s the right thing and the moral thing to do. They’re also told that they cannot place their children school if they don’t do it and they’re not really fully disclosed what the risks are to their child.
Garrett Gunderson: When your a parent you want to protect your kids and so if I’m told “hey if you don’t vaccinate you’re putting your kids in danger” we don’t question, we just want to protect. We want take care our family.
Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: Now it escalates from here they do the first round of vaccines and they find that their child reacts, not uncommon, and they’re like “you know doc, I’m not sure I should be doing this, my kid had a fever for days, they were sick, they were screaming, they’ve had all kinds of whatever issues”.
It’s enough of a reaction to say that the mother noticed that something wasn’t right about it showing that they have sensitivity towards having a vaccine.
Andrew Wakefield: There are entirely valid questions and those valid questions come precisely from parental instinct.
What medicine has done is try to usurp that instinct.
Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: Many times the pediatricians completely dismiss it.
Almost arrogant and in some instances even offended that you should ask such a question, “I am the expert I know all” and they become very dismissive about the whole thing.
Andrew Wakefield: “We know better, we are the doctors, we know the science, don’t you worry about that my dear”. That sort of a patronizing approach.
Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: “Don’t worry about that it’s a normal reaction to the vaccine these are safe and proceed and then they end up with a vaccine damage child. They watch the normal healthy kid withdraw and go into a altered state, an Autistic state, a damaged state, however you want to characterize it.
Andrew Wakefield: My child regresses, I go to the doctor and I say, “look you gave me this vaccine, he’s regressed”, “Oh no, that was coincidence” or “he was never right, you never noticed it” or “your child is fine”.
Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: So what do you do, do you go look for relief from the people who provided the vaccine, the vaccine manufacture? Oh no! They’re held harmless in this situation because they are indemnified by the federal government.
Toni Bark, M.D.: In the case of vaccination you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer, you can’t even sue them for faulty design because vaccines are faulty by nature. Their legal classification is “Unavoidably Unsafe”, that’s their legal classification.
The court that you have to go do if your kids been damaged or you’ve been damaged by a vaccine is a special court with special masters, its run by the federal government that then decides who gets to be seen or heard in vaccine court and what wins and what doesn’t win.
Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: So now it’s individual mom, emotionally devastated over what’s going on and now have to try to navigate the waters of suing the federal government to get the relief because they create a vaccine pool for vaccine damaged kids but they don’t want to admit that there’s vaccine damaged kids.
Andrew Wakefield: They go to the vaccine courts and they are told that “oh, your child, he was never right, he was autistic from the beginning”. “No he wasn’t, he was speaking, he was talking, he was saying words like helicopter and a week later he was saying nothing.
“Oh well you thought he was talking but he was just making noises.”
Then they come up against the school system that says “oh we’re not gonna give your child special education because…” or “we’re not going to give you the various grants that you’re entitled to because…”
This is the kind of thing that these parents confront on a regular, regular basis and in the background, the family is falling apart.
Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: It’s nightmarish but it’s the reality we live in today.
So what do I believe moms have to do? They gotta to take their stand and understand that their baby’s health, well-being and maybe even their life is at stake here and suddenly they become a different person to contend with.
Andrew Wakefield: Don’t take my word for it go to the CDC’s website and read it. For each individual vaccine because in the end this is one of the biggest decisions you are ever gonna have to make because if something does go wrong then you are gonna have to live with that for a long long time.
Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: There are pediatricians out there who will embrace and acknowledge your position and in the end say “it’s your choice” and they’ll honor your choice.
Andrew Wakefield: The reason where on this earth today is maternal instinct. Far more powerful than any other force without maternal instinct we would not be here and you have to trust it. Public health has been on this earth for 150 years, perhaps maternal instinct got us here from the beginning of time.
You must trust your instinct.



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