Dr. Francis X. Murphy

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I’m Francis Murphy and I’m a chiropractor.

In the early ’80’s I owned a deli, a submarine sandwich shop in Marietta, Georgia. It was just a few blocks away from Life Chiropractic College. One day I ways getting ready for work and I remember turning and being in a funny position and coughing and feeling a sharp pain in my chest.

And so after about a week, I wasn’t sleeping well, I went to a medical doctor and said I probably had strained a muscle when I coughed and it would go away. Just take these muscle relaxers and these pain killers and you’ll be fine in a week.

Well a week later it had actually gotten worse and at this point I was very dejected.

I went back to my my sub shop, my restaurant and as I walked through the front door there sat a chiropractic student and he looks up at me and he goes “hey, come here for a second, I want to talk to you.”

And I sat down and he goes, “you know, I’ve been coming in here since you opened this place and it’s always been clean, neat, organized. You always are
energetic you look good. The place is not clean anymore, you look like crap, the food’s not as good.”

So I fessed up to him and I told him my personal health condition and what was wrong and what I had gone through for the last ten months.

He goes, “the way you describe it to me the way you breathe, the way there’s a pain in your chest, where approximately it is, it all adds up, to me, to be a rib out of place.” I said, “well how does somebody get something like that fixed?”

He said, “well, you have to come up to the clinic and we have to examine you to make sure that’s actually what’s wrong with you and then if that is what’s wrong with you we’ll be
able to fix it.”

So he laid me down on the table and he put his chest on my chest and he
adjusted me and this pop came from my chest and it felt like the pain just drained right off my chest. I took a deep breath for the first time in a long long time and it didn’t hurt and then I took a deep breath arms.

I was so excited and so happy that he had made this change in me.

I remember driving home that day thinking, you know, I live in the human body, I have no idea how it works whatsoever and anybody that tells me anything I have to believe it because I don’t know how it works. I thought to myself I’m going to sell my deli and become a doctor.

That’s the beginning of my path to becoming a chiropractor.



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