Vaccines Revealed Weekend Replay

Have you missed out on episodes of Vaccines Revealed? 

Then, great news!

We’ve literally had hundreds of people email us asking us to replay some of the episodes. (The Robert Kennedy Jr episode with the most requests…)

Well, you’ve got it. 

Starting at 8:00 am on Saturday, you can pick and choose from the entire 9 days of content and watch whatever you want, but only till midnight Sunday.

After that, the series is going to be taken down.

(And yes, the replay includes the full movie Trace Amounts, the 20 minute version of Vaxxed, and the astounding full movie Vaccine Syndrome.)

Enjoy, and please let your friends in on this!

(Send them to


Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays Films

“Movies that Make Movements”


P.S. Have you read the comments online about Vaccines Revealed? It’s a hit, people are loving this!



Jeff Hays